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Fine Tuning for BMW G8x M4

For those who demand uncompromising performance and an exhilarating driving experience from their BMW G8x M4, Tom Wrigley Performance is the trusted name in automotive tuning. With an unwavering passion for BMW vehicles and a wealth of expertise, Tom Wrigley and his team provide tailored tuning solutions that push the limits of power, handling, and overall performance of the BMW G8x M4. In this article, we will explore how Tom Wrigley Performance delivers precision tuning for the BMW G8x M4, enabling enthusiasts to unlock the full potential of this high-performance masterpiece.

1. A Passion for BMW:

At the core of Tom Wrigley Performance is an enduring passion for BMW automobiles. Tom Wrigley himself is a dedicated BMW enthusiast, and this passion fuels his commitment to delivering top-tier tuning services designed specifically for BMW models. This deep appreciation for BMW’s engineering excellence is evident in every tuning package offered.

2. Customized ECU Tuning:

The foundation of Tom Wrigley Performance’s tuning for the BMW G8x M4 is custom ECU (Engine Control Unit) tuning. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Tom and his team meticulously reprogram the vehicle’s ECU to optimize crucial parameters such as fuel delivery, ignition timing, and turbocharger boost pressure. This precise customization results in enhanced power delivery, improved throttle response, and a significant increase in both horsepower and torque. Custom ECU tuning ensures that the BMW G8x M4 operates at peak performance while maintaining reliability.

3. Tailored Performance Packages:

Tom Wrigley Performance offers a range of performance packages tailored to cater to the specific needs and desires of BMW G8x M4 owners. These packages may include:

  • Stage 1 Tuning: The foundational package focuses on ECU remapping, delivering power gains and improved drivability.

  • Stage 2 Tuning: Building upon Stage 1, this package may include upgraded exhaust systems, intake enhancements, and intercooler upgrades, resulting in a more dynamic and thrilling driving experience.

  • Suspension Upgrades: To complement the increased power, Tom Wrigley Performance offers suspension tuning that enhances handling without compromising ride comfort.

  • Brake and Wheel Upgrades: High-performance brake components and wheel/tire combinations can be integrated to ensure that the BMW G8x M4’s safety and handling capabilities match its newfound power.

4. Professional Installation and Rigorous Testing:

Tom Wrigley Performance places paramount importance on professional installation and comprehensive testing. Highly skilled technicians meticulously install each modification, and the vehicle undergoes extensive testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that your BMW G8x M4 performs flawlessly on both the road and the track.

5. Ongoing Customer Support:

Tom Wrigley Performance maintains a strong relationship with its customers, offering continuous support and guidance. Whether you have questions about your tuned BMW G8x M4 or require maintenance, the team is readily available to assist, ensuring that your driving experience remains exceptional.


Tom Wrigley Performance’s tuning services for the BMW G8x M4 epitomize precision, expertise, and a relentless passion for BMW engineering. With a focus on custom ECU tuning, comprehensive performance packages, expert installation, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, Tom Wrigley and his team offer BMW G8x M4 owners the opportunity to elevate their driving experience to extraordinary levels. If you own a BMW G8x M4 and aspire to enhance its performance, Tom Wrigley Performance stands as your trusted partner in achieving automotive excellence.

What You'll Get

High Quality Equipment

We only use professional equipment in our tuning centre.

Expert Mechanics

Our mechanics are professionally trained in BMW G8x M4 Tuning.

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