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Race Suspension

Race Suspension

In the world of motorsport, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to the performance of your suspension system. Whether you’re a dedicated racer or a passionate track-day enthusiast, Tom Wrigley Performance has the expertise and products you need to take your racing experience to new heights with our race suspension kits and fitting services.

The Art of Racing Suspension

Race suspension is the secret weapon of every competitive driver. It’s the key to achieving precise handling, superior grip, and optimal balance on the track. At Tom Wrigley Performance, we understand that every millisecond counts in racing, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing race suspension solutions that are finely tuned for the demands of high-speed driving.

Tom Wrigley’s Dedication to Racing Excellence


Our team of seasoned racing professionals possesses a deep understanding of suspension dynamics and the specific needs of race vehicles. We are driven by a passion for delivering top-notch suspension solutions for your racing aspirations.


At Tom Wrigley Performance, we know that each race car is unique, and so are your performance goals. We work closely with you to tailor a race suspension kit that aligns perfectly with your driving style, vehicle specifications, and racing objectives.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our top priority. We source the highest-quality materials and components for our race suspension kits, and each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our exacting standards for performance, durability, and safety.

Unmatched Performance

Our race suspension kits are engineered to provide exceptional handling characteristics. You can expect improved cornering, reduced body roll, enhanced traction, and overall better control, giving you the competitive edge you need on the track.


We understand that in racing, reliability is paramount. Our race suspension solutions are designed to withstand the intense demands of competitive driving, ensuring they perform consistently throughout the racing season.

Our Proven Process

Tom Wrigley Performance follows a meticulous process to ensure the highest quality and performance in our race suspension kits:

  1. Consultation: We begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your racing objectives and the specific requirements of your race car.

  2. Installation: Our highly skilled technicians install the suspension components with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance.

  3. Testing: Every race suspension kit is subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee it delivers the exceptional performance required for the racetrack.

  4. Delivery: Your race car is now equipped with the ultimate suspension setup, ready to conquer the track with confidence.

Join the Tom Wrigley Performance Racing Suspension Revolution

When it comes to elevating your racing game, Tom Wrigley Performance Race Suspension is the name you can trust. Contact us today to embark on the journey towards superior handling, precise control, and the competitive advantage you’ve been seeking. Elevate your racing experience with Tom Wrigley Performance, where performance and victory meet on the track.

What You'll Get

High Quality Kits

We only use professional equipment in our tuning centre.

Expert Mechanics

Our mechanics are professionally trained.

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Tom Wrigley Performance specialises in Race Suspension based in Oswestry, UK.


The suspension of a road car is primarily designed to support the body, but also to provide a comfortable ride for the passengers. This means that the components used by the vehicle manufacturer are more flexible to better suit the road conditions in everyday driving. The suspension of the

racing cars, on the other hand, is designed to optimize performance, which often leads to significantly stiffer handling.

The other significant difference is that on a standard road car, the suspension is set to a certain level, both the damping of the shock absorbers and the stiffness of the anti-roll bar. However, with racing suspension there is often more flexibility in the settings available as the car needs to be tuned to a specific track or stage surface in order to optimize performance.

The suspension of a high-performance car performs the same basic function as that of a road car, which is to support the vehicle body. However, the demands on racing chassis systems and individual components are significantly higher.

Basically, the racing chassis has two main tasks. The first is to control the vehicle’s weight transfer both laterally and longitudinally to improve cornering ability, and the second is to control speed bumps or curbs to maintain constant contact between the tire and the road surface.

The end result of optimizing these two elements is increased grip, which ultimately leads to better lap or stage times.

Unfortunately, finding the best performance isn’t easy. With a racing suspension kit, you can set it and forget it. A car’s suspension system consists of several components, each with their own variables in terms of adjustability and stiffness.

The key to unlocking the full performance potential is finding the optimal combination of setup and components that best suits both the car and the track conditions of the day.